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An ECU remap is ‘non invasive’ in that we don’t have to actually dismantle or replace any engine components, just plug your vehicle’s ECU into our laptop, so it’s easy for us to work at your home or workplace. 

When we arrive, existing software from your ECU is downloaded onto our laptop and transferred online to our workshop for analysis. Next, new software is created especially for your vehicle based on your specific requirements.

For example, if you’ve asked for performance software, that’s what we’ll focus on. Similarly, if the emphasis is on fuel economy, then a bespoke version based on our Eco Recalibration service will be created for you.

Note the word ‘created’. We provide true bespoke software for you based on your requirements not just an off the shelf version.

Once your software is created back at base, it’s immediately sent back to us online at your home or workplace where we upload it to your vehicle’s ECU. In two hours or less your remapping is done and you can enjoy the benefits straight away.


  • ECU remapping
  • Speed limiter removal
  • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) deletion
  • DPF Removal - (software deletion only)
  • EGR Off - (software deletion only)
  • Rev Limiter Removal (where available)
  • Extras available: Pops & Bangs, Hard Cut Limiter, Sport Button Tuning & More


We’re careful to create software that your car can safely cope with. For example, when increasing power and performance, we’d ensure the engine settings on your new ECU software were within the parameters of what your engine, transmission and exhaust system could cope with.

Furthermore, we always retain your original ‘factory settings’ software properly labelled and archived in case you should ever require your vehicle’s original ECU software to be restored.

For even more peace of mind and a demonstration of the confidence we place in our service, All software installed onto your vehicle's ECU carries a lifetime guarantee against bugs & corruption.

We can remap your vehicle from as little as £199

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